Looking back at these offerings, it is amazing to see how far myself’ my minx, my husband and I have all come. In my first piece ‘Beautiful Melbourne and Me’, I was still luxuriating in my 30s, but still very, very afraid of the terrors that 40 held. And now I am well and truly in my forties, and it’s all pretty much true. I am not as yet festooned in HRT patches, but I am fairly sure that it is just a matter of time…

The decision to move to Australia happened after 10 years of my husband’s incessant ‘Please can we move to Australia? Please can we move to Australia? Please can we move to Australia? Please can we move to Australia?’ and once he was given the green light, the whole process – from decision to moving – took all of 6 months. There have been moments of homesickness, and there are things that we miss terribly, but moving to Melbourne was the best decision we have ever made.

I am, as my blog title suggests, pudgy (I am sure some people would call me fat, but never to my face), and therefore some of my writing is about the eternal struggle with fitness, training sessions and fighting off coronary heart disease whilst still maintaining my love for Tim Tam sandwiches. Some of the most hilarious and embarrassing things have happened to me whilst being clad in Lycra, and I hope that you laugh along with ‘When the Going Gets Fat…The Fat Get Sobbing’ – I swear with hand on cholesterol crammed heart that it is all true.

Please read, laugh, enjoy and follow, move to Australia – you won’t regret any of these things!



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